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Our Services Evolve as Technology Evolves

Personal Service is what you need, and what we take seriously. You are NOT just a number to us! We love to meet new people and make new friends, and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business in the ever changing world of technology.


Security for your computer or your network is more important today than ever before. We have options and advice for home or office to make your cyber world secure.


We are living in a wireless world, and faced with wireless challenges. We can help you determine when or if wireless is a good option for your network needs.


Repairs are a large part of what we do. We work on all brands, no matter where you purchased them. Preserving your data is important to us, and turnaround time is minimal.


If your system is running slow or has a little age on it, we have options that can boost performance for a few more years and make your old machine run like new.

Service Evolution

Changing With The Times

In the last 25 years of business, we have seen many changes in technology, including hardware, software, and the services to maintain and support those changes. We work on many things today that hadn't even been thought of when we first went into business.

Change is actually our driving force, as it requires constant research and challenges us to learn new things every day. So, we embrace change and enjoy the new things it teaches us and the new places it takes us. We look forward to the future and the new ways we can help our customers.

Service Details

Several years ago we started recycling computers and electronics. We are partnered with a local company which picks up electronics at regular intervals. You are welcome to drop off computers, printers, monitors, cords, cables, and other electronics during regular business hours.

Most items dropped off for recycling are free of charge, with the exception of older tube type monitors and large TVs. Inquire for details.

Networking is an important part of any business infrastructure. We can help you plan your network and offer advice for equipment.

When it comes time to get everything connected and communicating properly, we can get your network configured to operate efficiently. Sharing files, printers, and other network resources are some basic items that networks accomplish and we can get all those and more up to speed.

Servicing computer equipment is a large part of what we do, and we realize how necessary that equipment is today. Computers are no longer a novelty, they are part of our everyday lives in ways we don't even think about.

We repair all brands of equipment including Apple. Even if you didn't purchase it from us, we still want your business when you need repairs.

Maintaining your computer is important if you want it to last. Fans and heatsinks are notorius for collecting dust, and eventually are unable to cool efficiently or fail. This usually leads to CPU and/or motherboard failure which ends in a costly repair.

Extreme heat buildup takes its toll on all electronic components. Conventional hard drives run warm by nature, and poorly ventilated systems contribute to premature drive failure. Power supplies also suffer death many times due to poor air flow.

Malware, which includes virus, spyware, adware, bloatware, unwanted advertising and toolbars, and other problematic items, has been an issue for all computer users for many years now. Malware finds its way to your computer many different ways, but the result is always the same. It slows down your system and sometimes even makes it unusable.

Much of the service work we do is related to malware, and we have a great deal of experience dealing with it. Depending on the degree of infection, several options are necessary to get your system back to normal operating parameters. We are skilled at doing whatever is necessary to revive your computer.

The internet has obviously changed our lives in ways both good and bad. We have remote support options to allow us to fix many issues via the internet quickly without having to be on site.

Remote is possible for many problems as long as you have a good internet connection.

Our Customers Say

Internet Services

High Speed Broadband

If you happen to live in or around the Muddy area, we have high speed internet service available from our shop via direct link wireless radios.

Please call us at 618-252-0914 to schedule a free site analysis.


      $ 49.99 mo
      • 10 MB Down
      • 7 MB UP
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • 99.9% Up Time
      • Local Service

      $ 69.99 mo
      • 30 MB Down
      • 20 MB UP
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • 99.9% Up Time
      • Local Service